Welcome to anagnori.

anagnōrí ( zein ) – ‘to know again’ see: an·ag·no·ri·ses (in ancient Greek tragedy) the critical moment of recognition or discovery

The “anagnori” website is intended to be a map to the world of ideas for humanities, science, literature and art.  We will also post articles on current affairs and human rights. The main website is located at (it is currently under construction).

The owners of the website locate and disseminate quality information through reviewing, linking and re-posting as well as publishing quality content not published before. Our intent is to direct our readers to the articles of value that could be otherwise missed in the constant stream of information. In many cases we only attach short quotes so please make sure you check the links and read the full articles, as the quotes may not be representative of the author’s arguments.

We welcome suggestions to websites, links, articles, ideas. So send them in!

You are encouraged to comment on the posts, and we hope to provide a safe space for exploration and discussion. Keep it respectful in the spirit of discovery. We moderate each comment, so please be patient. Anything that includes advertisements will not be approved, or approved without links.


Please understand that we contact authors and websites to receive permission to repost their content. Therefore most of the rights are given specifically to anagnori website and we cannot transfer the rights to anybody else. If you are interested in republishing any of the content  from the website, please  contact respective authors and websites regarding use of their materials.

If you are an author of a post or a quote that you do not wish to appear here, please let us know and we will take it down immediately.

We do our best to use correct references in all cases. The links are checked for accurate URLs. As the collection grows, some links may lose their validity.
We take no responsibility for the views, accuracy, copyright or legality of the material published on the external sites linked in anagnori. References to books, films or websites are our subjective suggestions only and do not necessarily imply our opinions.



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