New Town to Newtown with Amy Goodman and Rebecca Peters

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From: New Town to Newtown: How ’96 Massacre Spurred Gun Laws in Australia — and No Mass Shootings Since with Amy Goodman and Rebecca Peters, Democracy Now!,

AMY GOODMAN: Well, as the debate over gun control is revived in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings, we turn now from Newtown, Connecticut, to New Town, Australia, where gun laws were immediately revised following the worst mass murder in the country’s history. On April 28th, 1996, a gunman from New Town, Australia, opened fire on tourists in Port Arthur, Tasmania, killing 35 people and wounded 23 more.

The death toll eventually rose to 35 in what came to be known as the Port Arthur massacre. The person who carried out the mass killing was Martin Bryant, ironically from a place called New Town. Well, just 12 days after the grisly attack and the public outcry it launched, Australia’s government responded by announcing a bipartisan deal to enact gun control measures. The pact included agreements with state and local governments. Since the laws were passed—for more than 15 years—there has not been a mass shooting in Australia.

REBECCA PETERS: What happened in ’96 was so shocking, and also the level of anger and dissatisfaction and frustration in the public was so high by then, that really that was the tipping point for Australia. As you said, the prime minister exercised leadership. He called all the states together and said, “We’re going to fix this.” And the laws were state laws, so we had a patchwork of different laws. Some states had stronger laws, but the states that had weaker laws undermined those with stronger laws. And what we got was a scheme of nationally uniform laws, which set a much higher standard and included bans on assault weapons and some other measures, which basically meant that the whole—that you can still own guns in Australia, but the system is just much more under control.

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  1. Dear READER, There is an overwhelming abundance of evidence confirming that the person who has been incarcerated (never to be released) for this incident was not the gunman. Martin Bryant is the patsy. He had an IQ of 66 (probably less now) which puts him in the lowest 1-2% of the population. He simply could never have organized such a complex incident. Yes he was at Seascape cottage, but there is not a shred of hard evidence that he fired a shot there or at the Port Arthur Historic Site. There is evidence from two eyewitness – Graham Collyer & Jim Laycock; Witness Statements actually prepared by the police – who have clearly stated the gunman was not Martin Bryant. Please note: there was NO coronial inquest (one was required by law); there was NO public enquiry; there was NO trial; and, after pleading his innocence for months while isolated in prison, a third lawyer (imprisoned later for larceny) browbeat Martin to accept a plea of guilty. Martin had the mental capacity of an 11-year-old boy (probably less now). He was alone and completely out of his depth. It is believed he still thought there would be a trial after the guilty plea was submitted by his lawyer. The incident at and near Port Arthur, Tasmania, was a staged psychopolitical action initiated to bring about gun control in Australia. If you would like an advance pdf copy of the book chapter on Martin Bryant please email – the book will be released in c.May 2013: Martin Bryant is INNOCENT. It names and exposes officials known to have been involved with the setting up of the incident and with the covering up of this heinous crime. Pease note the book will also be available as a free pdf. My actions have nothing to do with making money. The public have not been told the Truth by the State which promotes a shockingly corrupt official narrative. (e.g., It never mentions that it had a 22-body hearse built specificaly for the incident. This Chevy hearse is detailed with images in the book.) Please pray for Martin. Sincerely, KEITH ALLAN NOBLE, Vienna, Austria


  2. Thank you Keith for your comment. I approved it for publication so your voice can be heard as well. I do believe however, that Democracy Now! (Amy Goodman) does a thorough research on the subjects they report on, so I tend to lean towards their account of the New Town events.


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