The Kodachrome Era Ends by Russell Arben Fox

In film, history, media, North America on November 17, 2012 at 18:46

From: The Kodachrome Era Ends, Right Here in Kansas by Russell Arben Fox, Front Porch Republic,

Today, Dwayne’s Photo, a family-owned and operated film-processing business that has operated in the small town of Parsons, Kansas, for over 50 years, will stop handling Kodachrome film. After they close shop today for the holiday, there will be no other place on earth still handling what was for many years the absolute standard when it came to color film. According to the NYT article:

Last year, Kodak stopped producing the chemicals needed to develop the film, providing the business with enough to continue processing through the end of 2010. And last week, right on schedule, the lab opened up the last canister of blue dye….

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Reposted with permission from: Front Porch Republic

  1. I still cannot get my mind around the fact that an iconic company (Kodak), with a name that has been part of the lexicon for over 60 years and a massive income, would be unable to survive the transition to digital photography. I’m also reminded of Konica-Minolta,also gone. I hope that Dwayne’s Photo is doing ok financially.


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