Eccentric Characters by BibliOdyssey

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From: Eccentric Characters by BibliOdyssey,

Illustration plates (lithographs) from ‘The Book of Wonderful Characters: Memoirs and Anecdotes of Remarkable and Eccentric Persons in all Ages and Countries, Chiefly from the Text of Henry Wilson and James Caulfield’, 1869

Francis Trovillou – The Horned Man

“In the year 1598 a horned man was exhibited for a show, at Paris, two months successively, and from thence carried to Orleans, where he died soon after. His name was Francis Trovillous, of whom Fabritius, in his Chiurgical Observations, gives the following description:- ‘He was of middle stature, a full body, bald, except in the hinder part o’ the head, which had a few hairs upon it; his temper was morose, and his demeanour was altogether rustic’.

He was born in a little village called Mezieres, and bred up In the woods amongst the charcoal men. About the seventh year of his age he began to have a swelling in his forehead, so that in the course of about ten years he had a horn there as big as a man’s finger-end, which afterwards did admit of that growth and increase, that when he came to be thirty-five years old this horn had both the bigness and resemblance of a ram’s horn.”

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Reposted with permission from: BibliOdyssey


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