Isaiah Berlin by Joshua Cherniss

In history, philosophy, politics, society on July 13, 2012 at 00:54


From: Isaiah Berlin by Joshua Cherniss, the Oxonian Review,

Berlin’s work also cautions against the self-righteousness of all who claim to have a monopoly on virtue, whether they be rulers or dissidents. It also condemns the craving for similarity, and intolerance of those who think differently from oneself. It thus suggests that even when we encounter policies that we feel confident in condemning—and that Berlin’s principles suggests we should condemn—we should do so moderately and humbly, while retaining doubts about our own program and resisting the lure of our own certitudes. Most people, at all points along the political spectrum (including the liberal centre), could profit by this advice.

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  1. that’s very interesting, i have shared it with my friends.


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