Mary Fonseca’s “Letter from Lisbon”: portents of plague

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Mary Fonseca’s “Letter from Lisbon”: portents of plague – RadioOpenSource

More recently, people who know a bit more about Europe as a whole have pointed out that before the crise hit, the Germans were only too eager to buy the bonds that countries of Southern Europe put on the market, thus showering us with the money we needed to import the Mercedes and BMWs they wanted us to enjoy. Besides, our banks were indulging in the sexy new financial operations they learned about from Wall Street and the City of London.

There’s a lovely song by Stephen Foster, “Hard times, hard times come again no more.” I don’t know of one that corresponds in Portuguese, although the language has lots of expressions about hard times: years are either ones of “vacas gordas” or “vacas magras” (fat cows or thin cows) or “Quem nấo tem cấo, caҫa com gato” (“Who has no dog must hunt with his cat.”) Maybe the resignation of rural folk will have to do, for a while.

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  1. An informative and moving analysis. i was a classmate of Mary’s brother and had the good forttune to meet her many years ago.What a beautiful statement.


    • Thank you for your comment William. I agree that it was a wonderful article.
      I encourage you to read her post at the RadioOpenSource website if you haven’t yet.


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